Tropical Garden Plants and Exotic House Plants in Erie, PA

Stan's Garden Center carries a veritable jungle of exotic house plants and tropical garden plants - from miniatures for terrariums and dish gardens to towering floor plants. Fill your garden, patio, or living room with the jaw-dropping colors, bold textures, and alluring scents of tropical garden plants. Our commercial greenhouses shelter humidity-loving ferns and drought-tolerant cacti and succulents.

All of our outdoor and indoor tropical plants are homegrown in Erie, PA at Stan's Garden Center. We also carry a wide spectrum of blooming indoor tropical plants, both year-round and seasonal including African violets (including the popular mini-violets), cyclamen, hibiscus, and our "home grown" poinsettias.

And, of course, we offer soils, pots, fertilizers, sprays, and other gardening supplies to help in your tropical gardening adventure. Our specialized team of horticulturists offers the best advice to keep your jungle healthy. In addition to tropical plants, we also offer a variety of bonsai trees and plants as the perfect complement.

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