Tomato - Giant Red Oxheart Heirloom Tomato

A Kentucky heirloom. Seeds sent to Gary Ibsen in 2015 from Dennis
Dailey, KY. who received the seeds from "a man who received the seeds
from his great grandparents, who has grown them throughout his life, and
has no heirs to pass the seeds to. He wanted to leave seeds for someone
who would continue to grow them." He reported that Giant Red Oxheart has
been growing on Webb Ridge, near Olive Hill, KY for more than 100
years and was one of his family's two tomatoes. With the seeds Dennis attached the
message, "Please spread these. They are amazing, delicious and
beautiful." He then requested that we share these seeds, "with your best
growers." Indeterminate, regular leaf plant that produces good crops
of huge, 1-2 lbs., red, oxheart tomatoes with full, delicious flavors.