Online Store Apology

Hello Valued Customer,

We at Stan's have spent hundreds of hours and dollars investing in building our website to display and vend our goods during the shutdown due to the virus pandemic. During these past 2 weeks we were able to launch hundreds of products including bagged goods, fertilizers, soils, and our entire vegetable crop. After conducting business on a late April, sunny Saturday we have been humbled by the customer response and saddened at the same time! We are not and have never been organized to do business in the manner that that we are currently attempting to supply the customer. After a host of mistakes and dozens of customer complaints we have elected to take down our online store except for bulk goods. This decision is painful as it has been a large portion of the recent weeks commerce that is keeping us afloat. Some of the issues that are forcing this decision would take weeks/months and a large financial investment to solve properly. These hurdles include: Using Gift Cards online and gaining loyalty points (2 different systems), accurate and timely availability of plant material (i.e.: zucchini cannot be planted in April), and fairness in delivery scheduling queue. Please telephone Stan's East at 814-899-5424 and we will do our best to provide information and products verbally for curbside pickup. We are sorry for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you all when we open our doors on Friday, May 1, 2020.